Duke Cannon Soap - Rudolph's Night Cap

Duke Cannon Soap - Rudolph's Night Cap

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At the end of a long night, delivering presents to every good little boy and girl on Earth, the only thing on Rudolph's mind is a glass of cheer. Channel that level of well-deserved relaxation every time you shower when you use this deliciously spiced soap from Duke Cannon! This amazing 10-ounce brick of soap is three times the size of a normal bar, plus it was made in the USA by real human hands (not by elves). Triple-milled for a superior soap, you'll recognize the quality from the first lather. Santa's sleight doesn't pull itself, so make sure to celebrate a hard day's work with a nightcap and the rich scent of cinnamon!

Gifting Specs:

- Smells like 10 oz. of holiday cheer


- According to Kim in Marketing, this is a "clever" gift for guys.

Size: 10 oz.

Made in United States of America